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What is Awesom-O Commander?
Awesom-O Commander is an utility that is to be used with Awesom-O, a bot for Diablo 2. It's main functions are to monitor that activities of the bot and also provide some additional protection features as of, process monitoring, bans monitoring and a set maximum ammount of games per hours.

Why use Awesom-O Commander?
Using Awesom-O Commander will make your botting sessions more secure and you are able to see what your bot have picked, identified, sold and stashed online. You are also able to see your bot status from a web browser updated each 10 minutes.
Version 1.0.0 Beta 
 - Unreleased yet.
Awesom-O Commander:
None released yet.

Awesom-O Redvex Plugin:
Lastest Release: Beta (10/01/2008) Unstable - Download

Lastest Release: 3.0.2 (02/25/2008) - Download

Lastest Release: 5.3 Beta (07/04/2008) - Download
Project Members:
Marc André 'Manhim' Audet - manhim at users dot sourceforge dot net
 - Project Manager
 - Developer

Tyler 'T_LOKZz' Vigario - t_lokzz at users dot sourceforge dot net
 - Developer

'Kingsob' - kingsob at users dot sourceforge dot net
 - Advisor/Mentor/Consultant
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